[Photos] CL at Calvin Klein FW ’16 Fashion Show

Our Internet Mom is seen Flaunting her undeniable fashion sense at 2016 Calvin Klein Fashion Show. It seems that our Leader has a busy week, attending Fashion shows and exposing herself to the crowd. Does this mean an american debut is approaching?

Check these Instagram pictures below


source: vogue ; chaelin.news ; 2ne1_bigbang


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[News] Minzy x W Korea


Our maknae Minzy brings out her inner passion for dancing with her killer and signature dance moves in this upcoming Minzy x W Korea for their March Issue. Unfortunately, this is just a sneak peek for a full version of W Korea coming this March 11, so check back here again for more photos!


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The Second 2NE1 fansite on WordPress


This WordPress is made only for 2NE1. And My name is Shin, I am the founder as well as the editor of this site, wherein, we posts updates, music videos and news about our favourite k-pop group 2NE1. Feel free to visit us on Instagram! @tuaeniwueon

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