[UPDATE] Dara And G-Dragon Featured On Matching Moonshot Makeup Boxes

Would you like to own a little piece of 2NE1’s Dara or Big Bang’s G-Dragon? Then consider grabbing a special box of Moonshot cosmetics, which carries images of both idols on special box packaging.



On March 2, Dara (Sandara Park) updated her Instagram with a photo of the special Moonshot cosmetics boxes — a white one that features herself and a black one that features G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong).
The image was enough to send Daragon shippers – or fans that want to see Dara and G-Dragon as a romantic couple – screaming in delight, although there is a perfectly good explanation for the pairing’s appearance on Moonshot boxes: Both are official brand models appointed earlier in January.

“As Moonshot is striving to grow as a global make-up brand, we felt that we had to reinforce its base,so we selected the most influential artists in YG as representatives and chose G-Dragon and Sandara Park as the new brand models,” a YG representative reportedly said when the two idols were announced as Moonshot endorsers.
Fan reaction to Dara’s photo and matching Moonshot boxes with G-Dragon ranged from product envy and amusement to frustration, especially among those that do not want the two linked as more than friends.


“Wow I want that!” “She puts her lips more on GD’s box” and “I know you and G-Dragon are friends. I just hate it when people lose their common sense and start spamming with ‘Oh Daragon is real,'” said fans.
Will you be rushing to the store for these Dara and G-Dragon makeup kits?


Source: Kpopstarz.com

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