[NEWS] 2NE1 Might Already Be Coming Back Soon


The Queens might be coming sooner than we think. Are you ready?

Last year, speculations about 2NE1’s November comeback shook the world. But many were left disappointed after the finding out that the long-awaited comeback was not of 2NE1’s but of 2NE1’s leader – CL’s debut of her U.S. single ‘Hello Bitches.

Today, many are still holding their breaths for the news of 2NE1 going on-stage again. And this time, 2ne1 may already be preparing for it.

On the 26th of February this year, there have been accounts that 2ne1 members were spotted at the YG building. Recently, on February 1 and 17, 2NE1’s Park Bom who has been on a long hiatus was also seen at the entertainment company.

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In an interview with YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk before, he said that after CL’s solo promotions for her American debut, they are going to think of 2NE1’s comeback. Additionally, he also said that the company is giving the group’s members time to do their solo activities especially for Park Bom to have some time for personal reflection regarding the controversies she faced.

Now that CL is already back in Korea after several projects abroad and Bom and the other group members seem to be frequently visiting YG, we can assume that YG already has plans for 2NE1 and they are currently working on it. If in the best odds that it is for their comeback, we can expect them to release a new album later this year or early next year.

On CL’s 25th birthday (26 in Korean age), Minzy, through her Instagram account, greeted their leader along with the words “…Now, many other wonderful things are waiting for us!” which might just be a hint for their comeback.


There are no official statements released as of now but we hope we can finally breathe out of relief to the news of the much-awaited comeback of the Queens of Kpop…

How do you feel about this news? tell us below!

source: ygunited.com



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