[UPDATE] Hiring Admins

is looking for admins.

Due to the fact that I am keeping this site alive, and breathing even though 2NE1’s being inactive and still not making a comeback for almost 2 years now. tuaeniwueon wanted to give you fellow blackjacks the best updates from our queens.

So, I — shin the founder of this site, confidently asks for your help to assist me with the current updates and personal infos for these girls. Thus, I am hiring admins and members for this blog from different country who are able to be loyal as me, alive and active to give our fellow blackjacks an update they deserve from this site.
Think you can be a part of this site?

At the moment, this site needs:

• Editors
• Definitely a Translator
。Japanese – English
。Korean – English
• Download Providers
。Music Videos
。2NE1 TV
• 2NE1 Social Media Provider

Also, others who think can make this site cool!

If you are interested to join and if you have a WordPress account  kindly dm me your username (on Instagram or here) so I can assign you to be an admin here. There is nothing for you to worry, just tell us what you can do to make the site pretty~

Good luck everyone! Let’s show our love to our queens. And make them active again!




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9 Responses to [UPDATE] Hiring Admins

  1. bomthealien says:

    this is bomthealien (from Instagram), I wont be able to be on this website at all times but Ill try too. Plus iv’e never made a wordpress account before, so did i do it correctly??? -m

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tuaeniwueon says:

    do you have your wordpress? i cant add you 😦


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